Thursday, January 22, 2015

our ikea bar cart

Thursday, January 22, 2015
I've had my eye on this little minty-green cart from Ikea ever since it first came out, but it always felt like I didn't really need it, and thus shouldn't buy it. Thankfully, my mother-in-law got the tip this Christmas and I can now call it mine. 

The plan was to store all my baking supplies on the cart and stash it in the pantry, but seeing as our pantry is non-existent at this point (that's our next project!), it is perfectly filling my bar-cart void. With our entertaining supplies so handy we fill the need to entertain, and a 5 o'clock cocktail is a rarity no more!  

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

bedroom update: styling nightstands

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A long time ago I shared some photos of our bedroom. We had finished our headboard and the room was 'good enough' to take you all through, but still missing many finishing touches and a few essential items - like nightstands. Today I share with your our bedroom update, complete with good lighting (you're welcome) and our DIY Ikea Rast Nightstands.

I had searched tirelessly for nightstands that would maximize the space on either side of the bed. These fit like a glove and had the storage we were craving. They were also cheap, which meant that some money could be spent fixing them up and buying hardware.

Is the room still a work in project? Always. But it is finally a much prettier, happier and functional work in project. I hope you enjoy.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

budgets, messes and vegan diets

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
I feel like this year is the first year I've been truly inspired and refreshed by the turning of the calendar. Our house has been a wreck for weeks. Our house is small and the work on the kitchen floors meant a constant mess we had to live in. dust, tools, appliances in the dining room. We decorated for holidays and I think that this year we probably shouldn't have. Our home was constantly in flux, a temporary state of chaos that stretched into eternity. With the move-in and out of decor it added a lot to our stress list. But save for a few finishing touches our floor is done, holiday decor is stored for another year and we have finally stabilized. Whew! As much as I love the holidays, I have never been more happy to be back to normal life.

With the new year we've taken the chance to sit down, evaluate and make some changes.

  1. We decided to go vegan again, at least for a few months. When we were on a vegan diet, we ate more at home, were more inspired to cook and didn't have to think too hard about what was 'good' and what was 'bad'. I'm excited to feel the energy, loose the pounds and lethargy.  
  2. Second, we have been lucky that we've been able to pay for Billy's flight education out of pocket thus far. But we never budgeted for it and just made it work; we've restructured our budget to add in an official aviation education line, I feel so much more confidant in the future now that there's a plan and goal in mind. 

What changes are you making for the new year?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

aviation themed 30th birthday

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
I've spent the last six months or so planning my husband's surprise 30th birthday party. His birthday is a week before Christmas and some years it is difficult to find time to celebrate. We’ve actually had a few Christmas parties on his birthday since I’ve known him! Not this year. 

For his 30th I wanted to do something special to make up for all those years of not doing anything. I booked the venue in late May, fearing that company holiday parties would make reserving a space difficult and started planning from there. We ended up reserving the second floor of a local brew pub that had been a converted Firehouse. It was perfect!

If you've ever looked there are a ton of party inspiration out there for females and kids, but there guy parties are something else. Because he is about an inch away from getting his private pilots license I decided to make the theme aviation inspired with navy blue and white.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

our small kitchen renovation - part 1

Friday, December 19, 2014
Our kitchen may have been the ugliest, most depressing room when we first purchased our house. Everything was so awful. In a kitchen that was roughly 100 square feet, there were a total of three doorways, including the bathroom door! Then there was the brown, 70’s flooring and blue laminate backsplash, a plastered-in half chimney, a super tiny attic access hole, and a space between the oven and built-ins that was maybe 20 inches wide. (Here's a reminder of the initial layout)

We ended up moving the doorways around, bumping out a wall and gutting the kitchen, save for those beautiful built-ins. 

We were pretty much done with the renovation a year ago, and then tile started coming shortly after installation. Ends up, the subfloor needed some reinforcing, and the tile (this tile) was coming up because of the flexing of the floor and its oblong nature. I removed tiles as they started doing this, thinking that the hole would be a great reminder that we needed to fix the floor. We ended up living with a, a patchy, half finished floor for more than a year. 

We went back and forth on whether we should hire a professional to fix it (we had installed wonderful radiant heating that we didn’t want to compromise). The price wasn't small, contractors quoted us anywhere between $2000 (lose the radiant heating) to $4000 for a complete redo. 

But we are tired of living in a half finished project, so we are pulling the trigger and doing it ourselves. We can't wait to have a space we are proud of and I can already envision the styled countertops! 

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