Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm a little bit torn this Black Friday. In the past I've enjoyed waking up early and hitting the lines with a Thermos full of hot cocoa and a good book to read. It's one of the few things my brother and I like to do together and it's a bit of a bonding time. Oh, and I love a good deal. In fact I plan a lot of bigger purchases until this time of year in the hopes that an amazing sale will happen. And while you can still find me in line at big box stores I may not be there as whole heartedly as I may have been in years prior. I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff because like I said last Friday, I think we all have too much stuff. It clogs our house and lives and gets in the way of what is truly valuable, your friends, family and the time spent with them. Also I'm upset about retailers are starting sales Thanksgiving evening. I think it's unfair to the employees and is disrespectful to the holiday and particularly the idea behind the holiday. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and Black Friday is about wanting more. How terrible would it be if stores continued the Black Friday creep and totally replaced Thanksgiving all together? I can only hope that it will be the opposite and stores will realize that Black Friday should reamin where it is, on Friday. 

Here are the stores I'll mostly likely be hitting Friday and Saturday (NOT Thursday).
  • Target - I think they have the best assortment of items for everyone in the family, toys, books, dvds, electronics. Plus with their price match this year you should be able to check off everyone on you list.
  • World Market - has great deals on retro toys, stocking stuffers and packaging to make your presents too pretty to open. 
  • Anthroplogie - because they make the prettiest things. I will inevitably pick up a dress or sweater for myself and some little things for friends and family. 
  • Michaels - to buy pretty ribbon for presents and whatever else strikes my fancy
Are you a Black Friday shopper? Where will you be headed? 


  1. i can't believe all the stores opening on thanksgiving. it's terrible. i'm not a black friday shopper in person, but i will shop online. mostly i wait for cyber monday (better deals, most times!)...and i always have to work black friday (ecommerce company, so it's one of our biggest days!) love the stores you picked, totally agree with all of them!

  2. if i were to go out. the stores you listed would DEFINITELY be on my list. OH how I love anthropologie and world market!


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